Mega Plex EP 2 Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Grease


MEGA PLEX EP 2 GREASE is multi-purpose lithium complex grease, with excellent high temperature performance and long life capability. High performance, low water washout and good protection against bearing corrosion, combined with excellent mechanical stability and load-carrying capability makes it an ideal multi-purpose grease.

MEGA PLEX EP 2 GREASE consistently gives excellent high temperature
performance and a wide operating temperature field from -20°C to +150°C. Special EP additives combined with a complex soap increase the load carrying capacity and reduce wear.

This product is suitable for all grease application. It is especially suitable for grease-lubricated roller bearings running at high speed, because of the special EP additives it is particularly recommended as an auto motive bearing and chassis grease. Its high dropping point makes it particularly suitable for wheel bearings on disk brake equipped cars. Also suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications entailing continuous heavy or intermittent shock loads and where water contamination is possible.


NLGI consistency 2
Colour Dark Red
hicken Type Lithium Complex
Drop point °C >260
Timken OK load kg >27
Worked penetration 280
Base oil viscosity @ 40°C 200
Viscosity Index 98


  • Resistant to water washout.
  • Protects bearings against corrosion
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Long life
  • Economical
  • Good anti-wear properties
  • Excellent load carrying characteristics


500 gr, 5 kg, 15 kg, 50 kg, 180 kg.


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